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Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

This book is perfect. This book is absolutely perfect. The depiction of amoral character putting on a pretense of morality, or, rather, morality as your ability to put on a show of normalcy, is amazing. The only conception of evil within this novel is the inability to fit in to a norm of society, to fall out of line with the expectation of others. One of my favorite things to read is a couple on opposing sides of a moral issue and this novel did that one over. Rather than have two people on the opposite ends of the spectrum, it had two chaotic, amoral forces toying with one another. This wasn't a battle of good and evil, it was a chess match.


I also loved the way the book showed differing perceptions of the same events. No matter how similarly two people may act, the world inside their heads are inherently divided.