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Review: The Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop

The Necrophiliac - Gabrielle Wittkop

This is probably one of the most beautifully written books I've ever read. I was in awe of the artistry of it. That said, I still haven't decided if I can get past the topic and really endorse it to anyone. What's magnificent about this book is how it completely pulls you in to the world of the main character. His mentality is completely severed from the average one, but because of the way the author writes it still seems understandable, if not redeemable. What's interesting about the narrator is that he doesn't see himself as an immoral character. In fact, he seems to see himself as a positive force within the world, even while he at times recognizes that the world at large doesn't see him that way.


The book is written in an utterly sensual manner; there's hardly a part of the book that's not entwined with taste and smell. The world the narrator occupies is completely physical. He never seems to escape the concrete reality that surrounds him, and yet his perception of it is so vastly separated from what might be considered the average. It's interesting to see his data input versus his perception and how one meets up with that of the surrounding world while the other doesn't.